Themes are data packages which, depending on the producer and target gadget, contain various kinds of images and colour information. Once installed and activated, they change the GUI of a mobile phone. Themes are very helpful if you wish to present your brand or your contents on more than one of the phone’s user levels.

The theme pictured here can be downloaded for free. It is available for the following series:

Themes can also be produced for:
• Sony Ericsson Symbian UIQ
• Nokia Series 40 und Series 60
• Motorola
as well as for some other handset, providing that the corresponding software is accessible.

The single elements that allow for a modification through a theme differ from producer to producer and also vary between different operating systems. The most comprehensive theme concept is represented by the Nokia Series 60 phones. Nearly any element, even the menu and indicator icons, can be replaced or modified. Series 40 themes include the possibility of having a different background image for every month of the calendar, but at the same time, they consist of considerably fewer graphics than the Series 60 themes.