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The iPhone has proven that the design and usability of a mobile phone are important factors of its commercial success. In my talks, I deal with the basic questions of usability, design and marketing - the relevance of which equally applies to designers, marketing specialists and the specialised public of various fields.

 Presentation slides: Ways to the mobile phone, user numbers, device branding.


Design and Usability — Factors for success on the mobile internet

• which are the factors fora useable design?
• how can the sales of a portal be increased through a more attractive design?
• how can the user be prevented from losing buying interest?

Mobile marketing

• which mobile marketing instruments can be combined well with each other?
• which disruptions of media can occur and how can they be prevented or avoided?
• which are the current advertising formats and what might future formats look like?

Upcoming talks

There are no talks planned at the moment.

Talks given

Questions of usability and media relevant design

• design rules for mobile websites
• layouts for different methods and platforms
• themes and branding
• specific questions of usability
  • 01. 04. 2009 — °mstreet infopointVortragsfolien bei Slideshare
    "In her talk on design and usabilitiy in mobile marketing at °mstreet theme night, Annika Brinkmann has vividly underlined: mobile end devices and the many exciting applications that can be realized on them are a real challenge for design. And you need experienced specialists like Annika Brinkmann to navigate successfully in this "jungle". I found the presentation to be focused and vivid at the same time. An all round worthwhile evening."
    Dr. Michael Müller, Culture to go GbR

The mobile phone — possibilities of advertising brands on a new medium

• how are different contents transferred to the user's cell phone?
• what kinds of device-branding are there?
• what are the differences between mobile internet, applications, and widgets?
  • 07. 01. 2009 — AGD Regionaltreffen Berlin
    "Ms Brinkmann's talk on mobile marketing at the Alliance of German Designers was packed with information. I literally learned something new every second. It was exceedingly interesting and very instructive. She seems a genuine expert in the field of mobile programming. Talks like that are really rare!"
    Heidrun Abraham, AGD, hei design