Stefan Mohr — Director Mobile at Pocketframes, Mobile Unit of Neue Digitale / Razorfish

"At the start of our first project with Annika Brinkmann she even hadn't time to meet us at our Frankfurt office to get to know us. We only knew about her 3 years of experience with mobile screen design. On the first day of her own business she jumped right into our project and created the whole portal single-handedly. We really like to work with Annika because our clients in America, France, England and Germany are always satisfied. She not only fulfills all of our expectations, but additionally gives important input to our complex portals. She always knows a fitting device adaptation for a feature and a workaround for every technical restriction. Annika still works remotely for our Berlin office, which is an ideal arrangement. She's thoroughly informed about all aspects of a project, and her precise workload estimates help us to calculate accordingly. We look forward to continue working with her on future projects."
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Sebastian Fritzsche — Projectmanager and Partner at Pixelstein

"Annika Brinkmann is our first choice when it comes to mobile design. Through our cooperation with her, we have been able to benefit from her comprehensive knowledge in the mobile field many times. The enormous advantage of working with Annika Brinkmann lies in her integral view of projects, as to her, mobile design represents much more than just the graphic aspect. Especially in the field of useability, she is very well versed and keeps finding solutions which optimize our products in aiming at a user-adapted, intuitive operation. Our developers appreciate working with Annika Brinkmann as much as we do, because she is extraordinarily familiar with the possibilities and the limits of different cell phones, so that she can identify potential dangers in the later process of conversion at the very beginning already. She views technical difficulties as a challenge and has been able to help us with designs and conceptual solutions to technical problems in joint projects many times. She always exceeds our expectations, due to not only her reliability, but also to the perfect documentation of her work and finished products, which facilitates working with them for all other partners involved in the project."
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Birgit Grossmann — technical documentation, BG-Consulting, Doku-Hotline

"Good structure, interesting texts — only graphically my tutorial documents, which I had done in Powerpoint, were not very convincing. Annika Brinkmann solved this problem in a quick and reliable way which has left both me and my customers extremely satisfied. The result: not only does poor Miss Brinkmann now have more Powerpoint — presentations to work on, but I have persuaded her to elaborate on the graphic aspect of presenting information in my blog as well. This is what happens if one delivers such good work."
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