Mobile marketing - Visibility and presence for mobile products!

With mobile marketing you can show your target group the way to your mobile product range.

 Design your advertisments spanning all media but without media disruptions!

Together we will create your individual marketing-mix for you to communicate your mobile product efficiently. We customize the concept specifically to suit your target group, your product and of course your company. We provide a harmonious interleaving of your marketing channels without uneccessary redundancies but with an optimum of usability for your customers.

EXAMPLE: Marketing-mix for a mobile internet community

  • Microsite on the static internet
  • QR- i.e. SMS-code and mobile URL to printed matter and merchandise
  • Start page on the mobile internet containing:
    - link to registration for new users
    - Tell-a-friend-function to support recommendation marketing
    - Bookmark application to install by download
  • Entry of the URL in mobile directories, p.ex. taptu
  • Banner ads on the static and mobile internet, in-application-banner
  • Social-media-scheme in existing networks
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EXAMPLE: Marketing-mix for an iPhone application

  • App store entry (activation for download by Apple)
  • A microsite on the static internet with a link to the download in the iTunes store
  • A microsite on the mobile internet with a link to the download in the app store (adapting to iPhone Safari browser suffices)
  • Banner ads on the static and mobile internet, in-application-banner (only on the iPhone and iPod Touch)
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EXAMPLE: Marketing-mix for a cross-platform application

  • A microsite on the static internet with a preselection of the favoured mobile model and a link to connected download-platforms
  • QR- and SMS-Code plus mobile url to printed matter and merchandise
  • A microsite on the mobile internet with download option - mobile payment for charges apps can, p.ex. be solved by premium-sms
  • Entry of the URL in mobile directories, p.ex. taptu
  • Entry of the application in open download platforms
  • Banner ads on the static and mobile internet, in-application-banner(cross-platform, however based on the platform covering your own application)
  • Social-media- and branch-, i.e. target group - specific pr-measures
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Glossary of mobile marketing


function that allows the user to recommend a favoured product by link to a friend via sms or mail


(small) stand-alone website with an individual theme/product which can be included in the context of a large website. It should be accessible directly via a short, individual url and advertise teasers, ads and banner. With an automatic user-agent-identification, the site should be delivered optimized for the respective devices.

Landing page

is the page the user sees when accessing a url over a teaser, banner or QR-code. The landing page can be a microsite or a particular site of a portal.

QR (Quick Response)-code

a two-dimensional barcode that can be read by an application or the internal camera of a mobile phone. The code contains a graphically encoded text or url leading to a mobile (!) landingpage. This connection between physikal and digital world has been widely used in Japan fora quite some time and has been increasingly used on posters and in adverts since its first appearance in Germany (ca.2006)


code line a mobile browser sends when a url is requested. By the user-agent a device profile can be clearly assigned.


banners that are not embedded in html-sites but in Java or other applications. They are either linked or intended to raise brand awareness without feedback channel

App Store Entry

to make the application more attractive to potential users, a convincing short text for the app store is needed. The text should be complemented by significant screenshots showing the most important functions. The same applies for other download platforms

Bookmark application

a slightly intricate, yet valid possibility to place an icon in the menu of older devices (that do not, like the iPhone or Android, allow to add bookmarks on the mobile internet on the topmost menu level) and to link it to a website by accessing it.

Mobile Payment

umbrella term for all cash value transactions over the mobile channel

Premium SMS

sending a certain text or code word by the user to a charged number. The user recieves an answer by sms which contains a link to a mobile website or a download link

Bluetooth marketing

transmitting pictures and applications to mobile phones with the help of a bluetooth station. A free download is offered to users on whose mobile phones bluetooth is visibly activated.


address of a website on the (mobile) internet.
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