WAP, i.e. the mobile internet is, just like the regular WWW, variously useable:
• Content portals offer graphic assets, games and music for sale and direct download
• News portals always provide the latest news
• Social communities enable staying in touch with friends
• Browser based games bind your target group and invite to visit your site regularly
• Company websites offer information and special services
• Location based services deliver your product range customized to the position of the user.

Anything your users need to benefit from your product range is a mobile phone with integrated browser, a data package and your URL.

You have got an idea for the implementation of interesting services? Our part ist the best possible structurization and attractive design for mobile devices. We have assembled a few examples of our work here.

MOBILE COMMUNITY — FastFoot Challenge

As a complement to the web, the WAP-community of the prize-winning GPS-game by URBAN-TEAM was created. The players now can find other players directly through their mobile and can arrange a game with other community members spontaneously.
The examples show the start page, from which the game can be purchased in various shops. On the left the high-end-version for the iPhone and on the right the smaller view without graphics. This depiction can be chosen in the settings by the user to minimize their traffic and their cost. An average of 10-15 kb per page can be saved - the page shown in the example has a size of only 13kb!
• Applikations/Games
-› http://fastfoot.mobi
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Flexible layout in the mobile internet

The examle given is designed for flip screen mobiles. Smartphone users know this: when surfing in landscape format, they get the same design as when surfing in portrait format or the content is simply scaled. The additional space in width remains unused or is filled at the expense of the visible height.
On the right: practical examples of device demotion of look and feel for older devices.
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MOBILE COMMUNITY — Pitch for buzzd

Our concept for buzzd shows the different emphasis of start page contents for the unregistered user and the logged in user. Already from the start page, the user can preselect the kind of event he/she is interested in.
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