Local stored applications offer a variety of advantages as opposed to the mobile internet:
  • Programs and games can mostly be used offline
  • Fullscreen-design possible on almost all devices
  • Your own concepts of interaction can be implemented
  • Interaction with device-specific functions such as telephone calls, adress book, calendar, GPS, camera, bluetooth-interface etc. can be realized
  • One-time download of the entire application that requires only updates at a later point of time
  • Combination of online and offline functionalities
  • Product icon in your customer’s main menu enhances your brand’s presence with your target group
  • User specific personalisation settings can be saved permanently

Mobile-Game: Fastfoot Challenge (iPhone)

The first view of the game shows examples for the implementation of GPS-radar, as long as no game has been started. According to enlargment potential fellow players can be found, can tell you his/her next aim, chat with you, or simply gather the stars in your vicinity thus collecting points.
Moving the mouse over the picture, you can see a snapshot of a running game on the left, on the right side you can find the contextual menu to this screen.
• Mobile Internet
-› http://fastfoot.mobi
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Application: Mobiaccess

For this application there was no existing design, merely the structure was already implemented and must not be changed. The goal was to improve usability by design only.
-> http://www.mobiaccess.net/Home
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On-Device-Portal: Offline surfing to buy online

A meanwhile revised concept are the so-called ODPs. Applications that allow the user to access the structure of WAP-portals offline to minimize the cost for online traffic. On the left you can see a high-end version for Symbian and on the right the version for older Java versions on displays with small gamut and without influence on the design on the status bar and the softkey bar.
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