Enlargement of the graphical user interface(GUI) for the iPhone
User-interface-study for the dailyme.tv-application

Enhancement of the graphical user interface(GUI) for the iPhone

The example shows our advancement of the iPhone's UI, if the main menu offered a widget overview with more preview and personalising possibilities.
The essential about user-interfacedesign is the combination of the following aspects into a logical structure:
• reach your destination with few actions
• easy orientation within the information architecture
• attuning of the screen design with the device's controlbr /> • consistent positioning and depiction of similar elements
• Interlocking of individual functions of different programs.
There is also the art of personalising possibilities. These comprise at least the sorting functions in the main menu, the assignment of individual softkeys, as well as the personaliseable so-called active-idle-screen.

An easy and intuitively peruseable interface is becoming a more and more important criterion for the purchase decision. A stylish case alone is no longer enough for the buyer.
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User interface study for the dailyme.tv-application

The examples shown were developed during a pitch for the further development of the dailyme.tv application.
The idea behind the "moodmixer" is based on a classification of content in three categories: Via the slide control the user can find the videos suitable to his current mood or his current information needs.

The rather free approach "fields of interest" introduces the playful aspect into the choice of the favoured videos: The user sows the seed of his interest and can gradually harvest new episodes of his/her favourite series or new contents:

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The main image of the mobile's graphic user interface. Used to be the screen where the black and white logos, now it is the screen where (partially) animated wallpapers or individual pictures are depicted


A statusdisplay of certain settings, preview for contens like calendar, choice of program icons most frequently needed by the user

Softkeys - also called LSK and RSK for left and right softkey

Denotes the lower part of the display in which classic, focus based navigation mobile user interface insert various actions which can be chosen via the keys directly below the screen.
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