Concept and Design — appropriate to the mobile phone

A sophisticated concept for content and usability is crucial for the success of every application, and even more so on the mobile phone. Innovatively combining traditional approach with new capabilities of media is a high art. You decide whether the design of your mobile product gets developed from scratch or your existing corporate design is adapted to other media.

 Different ways to get your new design: new development, optimizing, adaptation



mood board

collage of colours, forms and styles; used to illustrate a particular mood

mood screen

intermediate stage when converting a design from the mood board into a ready-made screen design

navigational concept

describes the basic linkings of main and sub categories, as well as the application of global navigation elements

wire frame

functional sketches that show the positioning of design elements. Information on technical background functions and processes enable an evaluation of the usability of a design and allow for a faster adjustment than the finished design


adjustment of fuctions and design to older gadgets with lower range of functionality

paper prototype

stepstone for usability testing with probands; different user scenarios will be tested with paper prints of single screens

style guide

documentation of the project with rules, colours, user flows and graphics: presentation document for the customer and work instruction for the implementation crew
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